Precision Medicine: Genetic Testing For Fitness & Nutrition

Testing for fitness genesOne of the advantages of precision medicine is that it enables people to make much more informed decisions about their health. Recent improvements to genetic sequencing and genetic analysis have led to a number of extremely informative and useful genetic tests for fitness genes that are available to the general public. These genetic tests have allowed millions of people to find out detailed information about their ancestry, genetic risks for certain hereditary diseases, and make far more improved choices when it comes choosing medications and treatment for certain diseases or health issues. Another area of healthcare that has greatly benefited from precision medicine and genetic testing is fitness and exercise industry. Analyzing your fitness genes can lead to meaningful and important insights that can be used to enhance your overall fitness.

Fitness Genetic Testing By Dynamic DNA Labs

Genetic testing, by design, allows a person to understand significantly more about certain specific health factors than traditional methods of testing. Genetic tests for fitness  enables users to gather information on genes that affect muscle mass, endurance, metabolism, understand how your body processes fats or carbohydrates, and a host of other extremely personalized diet and exercise information. Having a road map of your fitness genes and understanding your genetic fitness predispositions is a great start for people looking to improve their overall fitness. Dynamic DNA Labs offers a fitness DNA testing service that can help you understand your genetic factors in the following areas:

Fitness DNA Testing For Cardio Benefits

The gene fitness test will assess your genetic traits as they could affect your aerobic capacity,exercise response, vascular function, and help athletes for whom a significant portion of their activities would benefit from improving cardiovascular function. Runners, endurance athletes, and cyclists typically find this area of genetic fitness testing most beneficial.

Genetic Testing For Fitness Helps Analyze Performance & Strength

There are several other areas of interest that Dynamic DNA’s gene fitness test will help analyze, genes related to athletic performance and strength. The genetic test will help you understand optimal exercises, whether you’re more suited for endurance or strength type of workouts, and genetic factors for muscle recovery and repair. For a comprehensive understanding of how genetic testing for fitness could benefit you, find out more by utilizing Dynamic DNA’s Fitness DNA testing service.

Nutrition DNA Testing

In addition to the comprehensive genetic fitness DNA panel, Dynamic DNA also offers a Nutrition DNA Panel, that analyzes 28 Genetic traits that are linked to diet and energy. Understanding these traits can help individuals improve their diet, discover reactions and or sensitivities to gluten, caffeine, alcohol, and lactose. While exercise is a fundamental cornerstone of healthy living, it is widely recognized that diet and eating right may be a more important facets of improving one’s health.

The Nutrition Gene testing panel from Dynamic DNA will help people understand genetic traits that influence diet, nutritional needs, reactions to certain foods, food preferences & behaviors, and metabolic aspects determined by your genes.  You can learn more about how genetic testing for nutrition, and understanding how your genes could be influencing your nutritional needs and behaviors by vising Dynamic DNA Laboratories.

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