Understanding My DNA: Genetic Testing For Diet & Fitness

Can Genetic Testing For Fitness Make A Difference?

Order Genetic Testing for Fitness & DietFitness and technology complement each other extraordinarily well, and whether it’s the creation of newer light weight materials in tennis rackets, or wearable fitness trackers like the fitbit, technology is used regularly to enhance, track, measure, and improve fitness in deep and meaningful ways. One of the ways that rapid advances in technology have been improving fitness is genetic testing with fitness genetics in mind. Genetic testing and sequencing has become so accessible that is possible for someone looking to better understand their personal fitness to take a molecular look and understand their genetic disposition towards elements of fitness. This type of genetic testing will allow you to take a DNA test for diet and exercise, and not only understand areas of improvement but also risks associated with your diet and exercise genetics.

What Will DNA Testing For Fitness Do? 

It’s important to recognize that while genetic testing has advanced in leaps and bounds, DNA testing for fitness and exercise is a tool that you can utilize to better improve your health. Much like purchasing a Fitbit can help you reach your fitness goals if properly utilized, DNA testing for diet and exercise is a tool to be used. Purchasing a Fitbit, and leaving it on a shelf, will by no means help a person lose weight, run a mile faster, or accomplish anything other than purchasing a fitbit. DNA testing for fitness, functions much the same way. Simply identifying the genes behind endurance or stamina, will not make you a marathon runner simply by virtue of having those genes. Fitness is a function of many different inputs, and identifying certain areas you may be predisposed for success or failure can have a major impact on your efforts.

Which Genes Have An Impact on Fitness & Diet?

There a whole host of genes that can have an impact on diet and exercise but two of the more commonly analyzed genes for fitness and diet, are the ACTN3 gene and ACE1 which are associated with endurance and power related performance respectively. The ACTN3 gene is closely related to cardiovascular function and recovery and can be an indicator of a person’s recovery rate after intense cardio or aerobic exercise.  The ACE1 gene is closely associated with strength and propensity to build muscle. While these are only two of many genes that a comprehensive DNA test for fitness and nutrition will analyze, it’s important to make sure you select the right genetic testing company when choosing to sequence your fitness genes.

Genetic Testing For Fitness Helps Analyze Performance & Strength

Dynamic DNA labs is a genetic testing lab that  offers two different tests that can be used to gain a deeper insight into your genetic disposition towards fitness and health. There are several other areas of interest that Dynamic DNA’s gene fitness test will help analyze, genes related to athletic performance and strength. The genetic test will help you understand optimal exercises, whether you’re more suited for endurance or strength type of workouts, and genetic factors for muscle recovery and repair. For a comprehensive understanding of how genetic testing for fitness could benefit you, find out more by utilizing Dynamic DNA’s Fitness DNA testing service.

Nutrition DNA Testing

In addition to the comprehensive genetic fitness DNA panel, Dynamic DNA also offers a Nutrition DNA Panel, that analyzes 28 Genetic traits that are linked to diet and energy. Understanding these traits can help individuals improve their diet, discover reactions and or sensitivities to gluten, caffeine, alcohol, and lactose. While exercise is a fundamental cornerstone of healthy living, it is widely recognized that diet and eating right may be a more important facets of improving one’s health.

The Nutrition Gene testing panel from Dynamic DNA will help people understand genetic traits that influence diet, nutritional needs, reactions to certain foods, food preferences and behaviors, and metabolic aspects determined by your genes.  You can learn more about how genetic testing for nutrition, and understanding how your genes could be influencing your nutritional needs and behaviors by visiting Dynamic DNA Laboratories.

Order Genetic Fitness Testing Kit

If you are interested in purchasing a genetic testing kit for fitness & exercise, use the link below. 

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