I Found A DNA Testing Company And Here’s Why You Should Too!

Find DNA Testing Company When one thinks about genetic testing or DNA testing, in general most people tend to think about the driving motivation behind getting testing done is either ancestry genetic testing, or DNA testing for some specific genetic risk factor like cancer or inheritable diseases. My experience getting genetic testing done wasn’t for either of those reasons, and my DNA testing kit experience with Dynamic DNA Labs was easy, informative, and gave me actionable information that in conjunction with my doctor, I was able to make relevant adjustments to my healthcare plans and goals.

Why DId I Choose To Have DNA Testing Done

I have always been a keen believer in accuracy, and especially when it comes to my own health. I have always looked for more options, more information, and more ways that I can improve the quality of healthcare that I’m getting for myself. Pestering doctors about this medication or this procedure, I’ve always been proud of my ability to advocate for myself, and to research about up and coming healthcare technologies that could be beneficial for me. When I found out about pharmacogenomics and the idea that having a DNA test done could give me better insight into my health, it was almost a no-brainer. The way it was explained to me is that essentially pharmacogenomics, is the idea that individuals will respond to medications in different ways. Some people might find that a certain blood pressure medication is extremely effective, while others may not have the same results, or may not respond as positively. No two individuals are completely the same from a DNA perspective, and it’s this difference that can have an impact on how well certain drugs or medications work for you. I decided that having a DNA test done was something that was extremely important to me, because having that kind of information the next time I had to make a medical decision seemed to make sense.

How DId I Choose A DNA Testing Company

There are many DNA testing companies out there, but very few who offer the type of genetic testing that I wanted done specifically. While ancestry genetic testing, and genetic testing for hereditary diseases and risk factors are much more commonplace, I needed to find a company that offered a precision medicine or pharmacogenomic genetic testing service. My research led me to Dynamic DNA Laboratories, a genetics lab specializing in advanced DNA and genetic testing services. Dynamic DNA offered genetic testing in a number of areas but one of their highest rated tests are their personalized medicine genetic tests. The tests are split into three different categories, and you can either test for medications that are related to pain management, cardiovascular, or psychiatric drugs. There is also a fourth and slightly more expensive option that allows you to combine all the tests, and offers a more comprehensive pharmacogenomic perspective. Naturally, being a fan of knowing more information than only having partial information, I opted for the option that allowed me understand what medications my DNA suited me best for. Since having the test done in January of this year, I have been able to make several informed decisions about medication that I would’ve otherwise had to use the try ‘em all and see which works better approach, and for that alone I believe having DNA testing done was worth it.

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