Who’s Who in Genetic Medicine

Who's Who In Genetic MedicineSocial media and the internet have made access to information even easier than ever before in history. Scientific research and the people conducting cutting edge studies and developments were only accessible via scholarly publications or by connected to a university or program conducting the research. With the advancements and interconnectivity offered by the internet getting information has never been easier. This has allowed ordinary lay people interested in quantitative scientific issues and technology to access what was previously behind walls. Here’s a short list of notable, interesting, or newsworthy people in genetic medicine who we believe offer a wealth of information pertinent to genetic medicine.

Thought Leaders in Genetic Medicine and Pharmacogenomics

Yoni Maisel is an advocate, activist, and blogger covering the interconnected genetic science fields of Genetics, Genomics, Biotech, Cancer, Big Data, with a special focus on Rare Diseases. He posts frequently on his twitter page, as well as on his website Primary-Immunodefiency.com

Genome British Columbia is a non-profit genetic research organization that invests in and manages large scale genomic projects and related technologies. To date they have raised more than $700 Million dollars for genetic medicine and related projects or technologies. We’ve also linked to their twitter page, where you can also find information related to pharmacogenomics or precision medicine on their social media channels.

Ubiome is advancing the human microbiome with citizen science. Similar in concept to 23AndMe, the at home genetic testing service, Ubiome often posts an incredible wealth of genetic medicine updates and information.

Do you feel that there are organizations, people, research foundations or teams involved with the advancement of genetic medicine that we should include in our next segment? Than be sure to contact us via our website or social media, and we’d be more than happy to include them in our next update on who’s who in genetic medicine and pharmacogenetics.