Genetic Testing Researchers from MyKrobe Creates Genetic Software to Help Doctors

Genetic Database MyKrobe: Smart Tools for Microbial Genomes

We as a society Mykrobe Genetic Testinghave reaped countless benefits by having easy access to a host of powerful antibiotics that prevent, help, and cure a host of different diseases and bacterial infections that are harmful. These antibiotics cure everything from small bronchial infections to larger more life threatening issues that routinely pop up. The golden age of antibiotics was ushered in with the discovery of penicillin by Alexander Fleming, and with it therapeutic medicine gained one of its most effective tools.

With this advancement however there was a downside, and potential for misuse. Bacterial resistance was an inevitable outcome, as modern medicine created a “survival of the fittest” with every case of bronchitis and syphillis cured. Bacterial resistance to a host of commonly used antibiotics is not a new phenomenon. Science has been aware of the problem of bacterial resistance since 1948.  Over time though, an increasing overuse and over reliance on strong antibiotics led to what many had feared. An increasing number of bacterial strains that are immune or resistant to commonly used antibiotics. So began the ever widening gap between prescribed antibiotics and bacterial infections they could effectively cure.Reports reports of bacterial super bugs were touted from headlines across the world, and warned of a pandemic of Hitchcockian proportions.  While these warnings are necessary and much work has to be done, a growing awareness has created some very interesting and unique solutions to the problem of over prescription of antibiotics.

Mykrobe’s Predictor Software is an Effective Tool Against Bacterial Resistance

A rather unique solution is Mykrobe.  Mykrobe was created by Zamin Iqbal  and a team of researchers harnessing the growing field of genetic testing and DNA mapping to create a tool that allows doctors and health professionals to predict bacterial resistance before prescribing. The premise is simple and straightforward, by utilizing a database of genetic data, a doctor can upload a bacterial sample and predict accurately which antibiotics the sample is likely to be resistant to!

This fantastic blend of genome mapping combined with a very real problem of bacterial resistance, is possibly one of the most exciting things we’ve seen in genetic medicine. This is a very real world, easy to use and understand application of genetic testing and medicine. Take for example a common example of a parent dealing with a child suffering from a bronchial infection. The parent has to make time to schedule a doctor’s appointment to get a prescription,and  go back for a different prescription in the even that the medicine is not effective. This can be a tremendous waste of resources, times, and effort on all accounts. Mykrobe is a simple, and easy to database that accurately predicts the efficacy of certain antibiotics, and you can learn more about their software, on Mykrobe website.