New Genetic Testing Company Programs and Initiatives

Here are a few items of interest in the genetic science, genetic testing, and genetic news fields.

Deep Genomics: Genetic Database for Genetic Researchers

 Deep Genomics is Canadian based company that is combining artificial intelligence and genetic testing to provide an extremely useful platform to genetic researchers. Essentially a search engine for genetic testing, Deep Genomics enables genetic researchers to search genetic sequences in a database and discover likely mutations and results. Consider it a search engine for genetic research. Learn more here





 Illumina Bringing Genetic Testing to San Diego

Illumina, a genomic research company, and the city of San Diego have partnered to bring the city it’s first genomic research study. The study will allow participants in an upcoming blood drive to have their whole genome sequenced to contribute to a city wide genetic database. The program is part of President Obama’s “Precision Medicine Initiative” and we can expect similar programs to be created nationwide over the coming years. Learn more here