Common Questions About Ancestry Genetic Testing

Ancestry Genetic Testing: Introduction

Ancestry Genetic Testing Kit Genetic testing for medication is very useful for healthcare purposes, and it is expected that Bioinformatics, genetic medicine, and related fields will grow from being a 3 Billion dollar a year industry in 2017, to  over 5 Billion in 2020.  One particularly exciting application of genetic testing is DNA ancestry genetic testing.

Leaps in gene sequencing technologies and programs have made DNA ancestry  testing far more accessible than ever before, whereas in years prior the cost of any genetic testing procedures were either prohibitive, or the commercial DNA ancestry genetic products available were of questionable accuracy and relevancy.  Ancestry genetic testing is a DNA-based analysis which utilizes a person’s DNA to determine ancestral ethnic origins, confirm genealogical relationships, and even help determine or find existing relatives whom were unknown prior to a genealogical DNA test.

What Types Of Ancestry Genetic Tests are Available?

While there are many different kinds of genetic testing kits available, DNA-based ancestry  testing, or genealogical genetic testing,is typically broken down into three different types of genetic tests: Autosomal, Y-DNA, and mtDNA. Depending on the DNA ancestry  test you choose, the tests can open new doors into your genealogical past.  There are advantages and limitations to the different tests, for example mitochondrial (mtDNA) tracks maternal genetics l because mtDNA is  passed down in an  unbroken chain via  the maternal line.. Paternal ancestry genetic tests evaluate the Y-DNA, which is passed from father to son. Women are unable to directly submit this test using their cheek swab sample, but by having a male relative from their paternal line submit their sample, anyone can explore their paternal genetic ancestry.

How Much Does Ancestry Genetic Testing Cost?

There are a number of different testing companies offering DNA-based ancestry  testing, while typical costs can range  from $99 to $400 depending on what type of testing is being performed. The process is  simple, and many people find that providing the cheek swab sample is far easier than what they may have imagined.

What Will I Learn From Ancestry Genetic Testing

DNA ancestry testing is the perfect tool for family historians, amateur genealogists, those who don’t know much about their family history, or those who are curious to find out more about their genetic background. While ancestry genetic testing can be informative, it is not intended to be used for medical purposes. You will be able to determine ethnic background, origin, and possible common ancestors within reason, and even proponents of DNA ancestry  testing will tell you that further research can be necessary to corroborate certain findings.

Finding the Right DNA Ancestry Testing Kit

Dynamic DNA Laboratories offers two  options for those seeking DNA ancestry testing. People can choose from having either their mtDNA or Y-DNA  tested. An easy way to remember which test is for which, is that mtDNA, which tests mitochondrial DNA, will test your maternal lineage; and Y-chromosome genetic testing will evaluate paternal lineage (since only males possess a Y-chromosome). Choosing a maternal ancestry test will allow you to:

  • Determine mtDNA haplogroup
  • Learn who your maternal ancestors were, and how your family came to be
  • Discover current living relatives
  • Confirm genetic links through your maternal ancestry
  • Compare your genetic heritage with the rest of the world

If you would rather evaluate your paternal linage and choose a Y-chromosome test to evaluate your paternal lineage, you will be evaluating Y-DNA that is exclusively passed down from father to son. The Paternal Ancestry test will tell you:

  • Determine Y-DNA haplogroup
  • Learn who your paternal ancestors were, and how this affected your paternal lineage
  • Discover current living relatives
  • Confirm genetic links through your paternal ancestry
  • Compare your genetic heritage with the rest of the world

Order A Genetic Testing Kit for DNA ancestry testing.

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